25 Maret 2009

Partition Magic(R) 8.05 + SN

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You may find it helpful to watch the Norton PartitionMagic Flash tutorial before using Norton PartitionMagic. You can display the Flash by clicking Help > Flash Tutorial from the Norton PartitionMagic main screen.


1. Back up Your System!
2. Activating PartitionMagic
3. General Usage Notes
4. Known Issues - Windows NT/2000/XP only
5. Known Issues - Windows 9x only
6. Uninstalling Windows Me


Remember to back up your hard drives before using PartitionMagic. While PartitionMagic has been thoroughly tested, power failures, operating system bugs, and hardware design bugs can put your data at risk. BEFORE USING ANY UTILITY THAT MAKES SUCH EXTENSIVE CHANGES TO YOUR HARD DISK, YOU SHOULD BACK UP YOUR DATA.

To back up your system, we recommend using Symantec Drive Image(R). Drive Image is a disk imaging tool that lets you create an image of your entire system that can easily be restored. Having a backup lets you run PartitionMagic with the security of knowing that you can get your system back up and running if you run into problems.

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