27 Maret 2009

If infected Computer Virus

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Create a computer virus is irritated. Presence often does not realize by the owner of the computer.At this time, the criminals behind the virus infection that want a computer to operate as usual, so the user does not know there was something wrong with their computers. That way, they can gain access and steal passwords or credit card number that you enter in the website.Some of the signs if your computer is infected

- You feel the slowing computer performance. This could be the sign of a bad middle of the quiet walk.

- You constantly get a pop-up ads. This is the sign you are "adware".

- You are directed to a site that does not want to visit. Or the results of your search on the internet looks strange. This is a sign peretas has been successful to infiltrate your machine.

What should I do?

- Having antivirus software is very helpful. This program is one of them can identify evil and melumpuhkannya program. If virus is not detected menginfeksi engine, lots of antivirus vendors who offer services to remove malware with paying.

- Some vendors also offer anti-virus scanning service online for free.

- You must re-install the operating system, if the computer is still having problems. You must membackup files before doing this.

How do I find out what information stolen?

It is very difficult to mention what has been stolen. Not all criminals to steal data. Some just selling ads. Some only want to disrupt the search results through search engines, or direct you to sites that do not want to see. Several antivirus vendors have a database about what the virus and does not.

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