27 Maret 2009

Real Player v10

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Specialty :

* Download MP3 Music Store is supported by most players
* 99-cent music downloads
* The only trace information
* Nice features
* The ability to pause and record the streaming of live music
* Support for many types of audio and video files
Free Download RealPlayer v10.5 GOLD

Real Player is a media player for computers, from Real Networks. It plays, tag, rip and burn files and also interact with an online music store so that you can buy a new song every time you want. You can play music or video files from your computer with Real Player.

New version of Real Player 10.5 has a lot of updates and improvements to the previous version does not exist. Harmony encoding compatibility and new technology to repair many of the problems they had before. Real Player is now able to handle almost all the code that is used with which you can play almost any audio or video files using Real Player.

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