25 Maret 2009

Folder Guard Professional.v7.91

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One thing that is felt less on the Windows operating system is the problem of data security. By default we can not do, which means that the protection of our files and data.

But regardless of data security remains a vital need adequate. Moreover, if we have the data that is quite important, while the computer is used also by people other than us. If so how the solution? By using the software Folder Guard you can do.

Quite a lot of features provided by the Foder Guard , including:
  1. Prevent someone to do the format on your hard disk. When we do the right-click on the drive, then Formatting menu will appear. What happens if there are other people who intentionally or accidentally formatted the hard disk on us? All the data we can be destroyed!
  2. Prevent someone do install the program.
  3. We can set up programs which can be run by users and programs which can not be executed.
  4. Lock folder with a password. If this feature is activated only if the people who know the password can access all the sub folders and files in the folder that is protected. This is one feature that is difficult protections found in other programs.
If we protect their password with the folder, then if the folder in the right-click menu will appear Warlock.

if the Warlock is clicked, a dialog box will appear asking to enter a password.
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