24 Maret 2009

CCleaner (Freeware)

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Free Software Download :

CCleaner offer solutions. With this software, you can clean the computer systems of different things that are not useful. Feature's offered is quite comprehensive, ranging from the eraser cookies, history, temporary Internet files, Windows log files, third-party applications, to remove the impression of the program such as Spybot-Search & Destroy and WinZip.

Feature to uninstall the program and eraser file or folder it can function properly. You can also use the Registry-cleaning utility that is capable of doing damage to the registry scan quickly, and do simple repairs. One thing more, this software does not take much space on your hard disk or RAM eating performance.

CCleaner 2.15.815 version Download
CCleaner 2.16.830 version Download

Time to clean the computer: the dirt attached to an object in a long time and is not cleared, will cause the object is not able to function maximally. So also with the computer, the dirt in the system, can create a topsy turvy system, and even crash.

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